The Homestead Retreat Centre

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The Homestead Retreat Centre is located 30 miles outside of Prince George, past the end of Reid Lake road.   An 8 mile long private road leads in to it.  Originally it was homesteaded by my great grandfather, a Cossack, when he immigrated from the Ukraine.  It has been passed down in my family for three generations now.  No chemical fertilizers or herbicides have ever been used on the property.  

It is my personal dream to see the land my family has been custodians of become an educational centre and retreat.  It will be centered around a green living philosophy that makes use of its natural resources in an environmentally responsible manner.  It is my hope that others will share in my dream and join me here in working and learning toward it.

In the future I hope to host workshops promoting personal development that fit within the paradigm of living in harmony with the earth.  Future plans  also include wick-ups and yurts for housing of guests and volunteers, as well as separate men's and women's sweat lodges and other gender specific spaces.   A bathhouse and central lodge with cooking fascilities and dining space that may also be utilized as workshop and gathering space in incliment weather.  Wind and solar power will be used, along with methane and fertilizer generation.  Satellite internet will provide a connection to the outside world.